Harvest’s Taste of Vail experience!


Apr 28 2017

Participating in Taste of Vail 2017 was an important adventure for Harvest. Not only was it our first opportunity to participate in one of the area’s most significant culinary events, but it was our first solo flight after recent management changes. It was a chance for Harvest to show that we’ve been working hard and that we care very much about our food and our presence in the Valley.

This was during the Lamb Tasting event! We grabbed Sonnenalp Club members, Sonnenalp Hotel staff, Harvest Staff, and Sonnenalp Club staff for a quick picture of Harvest’s family and friends.

Our entry into the Grand Tasting event—Duck Rillette!

All in all, Taste of Vail was a blast. We loved venturing out from Singletree and seeing our Sonnenalp Club members outside the context of Harvest, and having the opportunity to make our club members proud with our food. It was an incredibly special event for us for so many reasons, and we look forward to participating again next year.

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